Monday, August 29, 2011

Animation Practice

(Character copyrighted by Valve, obviously)

I found some awesome Team Fortress 2 rigs earlier, and I just got around to making my first little test with one of them. The rigs are really nice, too - with all the IK/FK switcheroos we nerds could ever dream of. And we do. A lot.


I woke up one morning to find all my desktop icons were cleared out, replaced by one mysterious video. I don't quite to know to make of it, but it's pretty spooky.


So this summer I managed to land myself a gig doing this banner for an 'insurance lead finding' company's website.

I have no idea what that means or even what they do - but thankfully, I'm just an artist so I don't have to understand, 'real world' things such as these. All I have to do is dick around in After Effects until my eyes bleed. Ah, bliss.

Sidenote: This thing really needs shoowshy sound effects. Please make them at your discretion. 


I went to Tahoe earlier their summer. It was rather majestic!

I don't really know how to paint or anything, so this will have to do. Click to embiggen!