Saturday, January 26, 2013

Expression Sheet

tease tease tease #figurinstuffout

Drawing out quick expressions is so helpful for setting a target of expressiveness for your CG.

I'm finding that overall this year I'm integrating drawing into my CG workflow more and more, both for modeling and animating. Seeing all the 2D planning they do for their CG at Disney was really inspiring.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Wow Michael, it's been almost seven months since you've touched this blog. That's bad, and you should feel bad. I do feel bad. So here's a little thing from my third year film.

Most of my creative output this semester will be film related, and it's always tricky posting production artwork that's subject to change or could spoil your story. But this year, I hope to share as much production stuff as I can without ruining my film for everybody.

Sidenote, I'm totally embarrassed by a lot of  stuff on this blog. But I guess part of the fun of looking at these things is seeing improvement though, right guys? Right?

I'm crying

Experimental Animation

Some really rough experimental animation for my film. My film will be in CG, so visually this doesn't represent the film at all - this is meant to get a rough feel for the movement and mechanics of the character, and to work out design issues. I had a lot of fun working on it.


What is it about these things? I could just make them all day.

Guerrilla CG

Me and some CalArts homies have banded together and started a CG tricks/tutorials blog. All of us have made CG films, and have also had experience working with CG in the industry. We really want to share what we've learned, and things that inspire us.

Come visit us!