Sunday, February 24, 2013

FILM_3 CG Character Test

FILM TEST! Much prettier if you watch in HD on vimeo.

Here's some animation/rig breaking with my main film character this year. It's just a test and won't be in the film, and things will probably change (like color! rendering!). Everything is still a secret because that's more fun. Enjoy!

Judging from my posting frequency you might wonder if I am in fact dead - I am mostly alive, but working really, really hard. I had a film reboot over winter break (scary) so I've been playing catch up. Almost all the assets are spoiler-y in some sense, but with my rigs out the door I should have more content to put up here soon.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Phone Drawings

I got a Note 2 over winter break. It has a built in Wacom Digitzer and pressure sensitive stylus. I did some visdev for my film in Sketchbook Mobile on it. 21st century is weird.

It's also Android, so I can hack the shit out of it, which I appreciate. Like this tool.


Dammit Maya.

Get your shit together.