Monday, March 21, 2011

animating as a break from animation

'Midterm' in our animation class today. 

3 hours, a model sheet, 40 frames, two random words.

My words were naughty and cough.

Didn't quite finish, but I hope to polish it up soon. Animating nonfilm stuff is great

sidenote: holySHIT animating in Flash feels so good. I chose to animate my film traditionally this year, and while it's forcing me to be more strategic and generally to think more about animation before I do it, it's way harder, I'm way crappier at it, and  and it's a hell of a lot less fun. Next year, digital baby

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[insert cryptic film post here]

To all of my dear friends wondering just where the HELL I've been cowardly hiding -

I appreciate the concern. But there has been no hiding - only the ceaseless, soul grinding march towards April 19th.


And maybe perhaps a little of the hiding.