Monday, March 21, 2011

animating as a break from animation

'Midterm' in our animation class today. 

3 hours, a model sheet, 40 frames, two random words.

My words were naughty and cough.

Didn't quite finish, but I hope to polish it up soon. Animating nonfilm stuff is great

sidenote: holySHIT animating in Flash feels so good. I chose to animate my film traditionally this year, and while it's forcing me to be more strategic and generally to think more about animation before I do it, it's way harder, I'm way crappier at it, and  and it's a hell of a lot less fun. Next year, digital baby


Susan Yung said...

your stuff is looking good! can't wait to see more of your 3D stuff. that render was nice. Was it Maya software or Renderman?

Michael Piazza said...

Maya mentalray w/ physical sky & sun!