Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hello everybody! You have probably seen it by now, but if not, please watch my fil-um:

Making this film (and any film in general) was an insanely brutal, soul devouring-but-hopefully-worthwhile endeavor.

At some future date (soon?) I intend to gather up all of the as much of my preproduction materials and try to map out the winding path this badboy took to completion. It's cool and all to see a final product, but I think it's much more fun if you get to see all the steps, experiments and failures it took to get to that point. I have a lot of those.

Now that I've finished, I get to do other stuff. I think my body is really sensitive to stimulants, so sometimes I like to drink a bunch of coffee, get all cracked out, and then go to figuredrawing. Today was one of those days. I took my laptop and did some digital painting, which is something I haven't really done before. Here's a selection:

(The numbers are the length of the pose in minutes)

 Anyway. Those were fun. I'll have some other stuff to post real soon so don't touch that dial.


ok said...

yeeeeeeeeeeh boiiiiiiiiiiii, great job :)!

Michael Piazza said...

thanks homie! Y U NO HAVE BLOG?

ok said...

ah right now im sharing a blog with a couple people here boop. you can filter the posts to mine on the right and check out the others dudes too, some of them are from the forums and theyre kickin ass

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, i just saw your film on vimeo. it was really funny, loved it!