Monday, May 16, 2011

Cats in Space

Alternate title: How to Animate Without Actually Doing Anything

So here's some crappy (but maybe-sorta-polished looking?) animation I did for Fran's class. It's was an exquisite corpse project, where we had to transition into the next student's piece of animation. For me, it was just an exercise in puppet tool induced laziness, and learning how After Effect can make something that's essentially terrible look slightly less terrible.

Take the first space fight scene: there are only has 3 drawings of the astronaut and 4 of the cat. I'm pretty sure there are only like 18 drawings in the whole film. That's exactly the type of thing you shouldn't be proud of, but I totally am. I feel dirty.

Sound effect credz to the Laura Berg.


Anthony Suarez Jr. said...

I love your style of animation so much djkgndrkjgf. The exaggerated movements and fantastic anticipation. especially in this with so few drawings.

Michael Piazza said...

Thanks a lot man! Are you an incoming CalArtian?