Friday, January 25, 2013


Wow Michael, it's been almost seven months since you've touched this blog. That's bad, and you should feel bad. I do feel bad. So here's a little thing from my third year film.

Most of my creative output this semester will be film related, and it's always tricky posting production artwork that's subject to change or could spoil your story. But this year, I hope to share as much production stuff as I can without ruining my film for everybody.

Sidenote, I'm totally embarrassed by a lot of  stuff on this blog. But I guess part of the fun of looking at these things is seeing improvement though, right guys? Right?

I'm crying


Jeca Martinez said...

haha! i could relate to everything in this post...from the difficulty in posting production stuff from your film, to being embarrassed by past works :)) I was tempted to delete my blog and start over but I also sort of liked seeing my improvement, and I just made private the posts that I really don't :D

Sam Szymanski said...

Great to see you're posting again! I started following your work a long time ago and sorta gave up ever seeing this blog active again, haha.

I get what you're saying about the old work, I made a new deviantart account a while ago because the stuff on my first one was so bad XD it's fun to look back on it though.

Looking forward to seeing the new work you post!

Michael Piazza said...

Thanks guys! Nice to see people still read this old thing, haha.