Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some shtuff

I made a whole bunch of designs for my school lately because they're all spirit whores and they paaaid me.

For our class:
Note that it says 2010 and #1 in an incredibly witty design that looks NOTHING like it has a penis for a nose, despite what Jonathan Chia may say.

And I have no idea why our 'slogan' is "Domination".

And then we have this little guy here, my school wanted a design for some parent even. Yeah, my school is actually called College Prep.

Some sophomores comissioned me to make shirts for their class at our 'spirit ralley', which I'm pretty sure constitutes grand treason and a betrayal against my fellow classmates. But hey, I don't care!
These were fun because due to money constraints, they told me I could only use two colors + yellow background. I figured since it was 2012, I'd go all disaster theme. Sorta reminds me of Killbill.
And I have metric butttons of figuredrawings and sketchbook wankery to upload, but that's not gonna happen for a while.

oh yeah and i drew some MMA dudes a while ago:

Anderson Silva and GSP, in case anybody else enjoys mindlessly wasting time with this stuff.