Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet The Hipster

Team Fortress 2 Class Design: Hipster

Presented here is the hipster class. Emblazoned on his chest is the logo of the American Spirit cigarette, his only lasting ally. His only direct attacks are second hand smoke and cough, which damage those in his vicinity throughout the course of the match. Due to his firm belief in the virtues of apathy, he has no physical attacks.

He can, however, leave packs of cigarettes around the map. If picked up by an opposing team mate, the teammate has a chance of losing the will to fight and becoming a hipster himself. With this method, an entire game may end up consisting of only Hipsters. In this case, everybody loses and no points are awarded. 

He can escape from danger on his fixed gear bicycle, which also obstructs the flow of traffic on the map. In this way, the Hipster is able to turn the tide of battle, if only indirectly.


tiffanyford said...

looool i love this post

get ready to write a hipster pokedex, come september.

p.s., your profile picture is killer!

Michael Piazza said...

Thanks tiffany! Can't wait to be classmates next september. And this podedex sounds intruiging.

Charlotte said...

Ahahaha, this is amazing.
Also, YOU are amazing. Shit, man. You just graduated high school? I FEEL INADEQUATE.

Michael Piazza said...

Thanks so much, Charlotte! Yeah, I'm just out of highschool D: You're Pulp from AB, right? I'm trying to associate actual real life names with faces 'n art so I can avoid all the awkward "I KNOW YOU FROM THE INTERNETS...but who are you again?" madness at the start of school.

Also, your art is increeeedible.