Monday, October 4, 2010

My New Life at CalArts

I've been here almost an entire month and all I've done is draw on a fucking banana with some stupid kid.

Just kidding. We work like crazy here.

Here's my most recent Character Design assignment. Old folks and young folks:
Preferred method of locomotion.
Not today, my sweet one.

 Anything to make you smile!

I work and live in a small enclosure. I share it with a large animal named Charley.

I mostly draw apples (because I am hungry always).

Tons more stuff coming once I scan!


Winmaster said...

Michael bluhhh you are amazing as usual. Can't wait till you get famous one day!

Michael Piazza said...

Thanks Winmaster!

Animators don't get famous, but maybe I'll be rich if I make some dumb kids show or something.