Saturday, November 19, 2011

48 Hour film!

This is my CalArts 48 hour film (meaning that we made it in 48 hours) that I completed with my friend Toniko.

The theme for the year was cactus! Our film was actually pretty tame this year, compared to many. The weekend after everybody finishes their 48 films, we show them in a rowdy, debaucherous screening. This year we even had a legit tumbleweed, in honor of our theme. 48 hour films is easily my favorite character animation tradition.

We both animated (Toniko did a bit more than I) and figured out the story, I comped everything and edited the music to work with the piece, and Toniko did sound design. It was the most brutal crunch time ever for those three days. I was referred to as a 'slavedriver' on perhaps more than one occasion.

It was technically a 72 (75 maybe) hour film, but we nearly finished it in the first 48. Stupid sound design.


Toniko said...

Don't forget - I complained the most. You had the man up win win scenario mind set - the motivator.

Been an awesome time working with ya man!

Unknown said...
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IAN ABANDO said...

this is so badass.. awesome submission :)