Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Studies 'O Color

I've set a goal for myself to do a color study every day. I try not to get bogged down in detail, and fail consistently, but I'm failing less and less!

In other news, I'm off to the east coast in two days - so to my eleven (11!) followers, I'm afraid you guys will just have to find some other way to spend your time besides constantly refreshing my blog every five seconds. I know, I know. It will be rough for both of us.


And finally, I've been busting my ass of animating a short film for this crazy Bio-Med company that I'm working for this summer. I can't show anything in it's entirety yet, but check some concept art:

That's right. Exploding cars.

I'm so gonna get fired.


Taylor Price said...

Duuude I'm so jealous of your coloring skills. I've been trying to work on my coloring too, so this is great inspiration. I really love the first one.

Period4_TylerPeters said...

Those are really cool. Nice job.